Conserve Threatened Wildlife

Environment and Communities Care Front (ECoCaF) is an organization based in Cameroon. Initiated in 2017, It was officially established in 2020. Based in Bafoussam in the West Region of Cameroon, ECoCaF is working to save vulnerable habitats and endangered species. EcoCaF has a tracked records of field experience working toward conservation, community development, and protected area management in Cameroon. Using scientific tools, ECoCaF is leading efforts in Cameroon and in the region to conserve a broad number of species with a sound interest on amphibians and reptiles.

Development of conservation packages
Improve knowledge of wildlife and communities
Reduce the interdependence of communities

Our Activities

Conserving the Environment

Improve knowledge of wildlife and communities

Using field sampling involving active search, visual encounter surveys, environmental DNA sampling and wet laboratory techniques. We harbor various ecosystems to document the herpetofauna as well as the biological resource around.

Raising awareness on the need to preserve the threatened species

Using various stakeholders, we have been involved in reducing the poor feeling locals could have toward biodiversity. We have been involved

Reduce the interdependence of communities

We have been working hand in hand with communities to plant trees, to reduce deforestation, propose alternative livelihoods activities as bee keeping to population, providing water point to reduce the dependence of communities to nearby water and reduce the pressure of their daily activities onto the biodiversity.

About us

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide threatened species a chance particularly the less studied and the ones attracting less attention.

Our mission

We at ECoCaF, we strive at providing significant contribution to conserve threatened wildlife in Cameroon and in Central Africa. Working under a collaborative banner, we improve scientific knowledge on threatened wildlife, livelihood of communities and underprivileges and we provide insight to improve the daily lives of communities

Our Partners