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Team leader | Dr. Geraud C. Tasse Taboue

Geraud is a Researcher working for the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon. He is leading efforts at the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development serving now as the Chief of Station of the Multipurpose Research Station of Bangangte. He graduated from the University of Buea in 2019 with a PhD in Zoology studying the puddle frog Phrynobatrachus auritus. For the past ten years, Geraud worked with various animal models to characterize the biological resources around. Geraud uses various tools like socio economic, biological sampling, Geographical modelling to understand the animal biological resource around, threats this is facing and how it could be sustainably used. Geraud’s dedicated work has previously led to several publications in reputable journals and past awards.

Project Manager | Dr. Arnaud Marius Tchassem Fokoua

Arnaud graduated from the University of Yaoundé 1 in 2021 with a Ph.D. Zoology. Arnaud has been surveying various sites in Cameroon to document the distribution and dynamics of endemic species. His main focus has been on conserving amphibians and reptiles. Arnaud previously led several research projects focusing on community ecology and conservation of African amphibians. Arnaud a strong collaborative spirit having previously led various team both at the national or the international level.

Branly C. Ntene Soh, M.Sc.

Branly received his M.Sc. in Wildlife Ecology and management at the University of Dschang in Cameroon in 2019. He studied threats to Cameroon amphibians with emphasis onto the hunting and export pressure of Goliath frogs in Cameroon. Previously Branly has collaborated on several initiatives involving various taxa and both national and international collaborators. Branly is currently studying at the university of Buea with Prof Eric B. Fokam and Dr Geraud C. Tasse Taboue. Branly is working to understand better patterns of amphibian diversity and their ecology in the Mount Tchabal Mbabo for his PhD thesis.

Ursla Koumbo

Ursla is a conservation biologist with a strong scientific training and expertise in the main areas of the environment. She has excellent ability to coordinate NGO, research and community group with excellent interpersonal skills, a good sense of teamwork and the ability to lead and coordinate multicultural and multi-disciplinary teams. She has solid and proven project management skills, particularly in the field of biodiversity conservation. She is interested about the project using biodiversity data and traditional ecological knowledge to provide concrete solutions to biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.

Public relations Officer | Gwladys Meyan-ya Nsangou

Gwladys is passionate about the biodiversity of living organisms and the effective management of ecosystems. She believes that sustainably managing our ecosystems will define the wellbeing of the future generations. She also has interest in agriculture, more specifically women impact in agriculture. Gwladys is certain that the role played by women in agriculture basically in the study case of Cameroon can impact food production and drastically reduces poverty alleviation.

Auditor | Fabrice Tiam

Fabrice graduated from the Universityof Buea with a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance; Fabrice culminates more than 8 years working with financial institutions. He has a sound record of key positions.

Intern | Tchantchou Tchankeu Camus

Camus obtained his master’s degree at the University of Dschang, Cameroon. He worked on the topic: Assessment of the habitat of the Cameroon Slippery Frog, Conraua goliath during and after the breeding season in the Moungo department, Littoral-Cameroon. Camus has been engaged in many biodiversity assessments projects in many parts of Cameroon.

Intern | Tsane Chirelle

Chirelle is a student at the University of Dschang working with Dr Norbert Ngameni and Dr Geraud C. Tasse Taboue. For her Master project, she is working on the characterization of the batrachofauna of Bangangte. Chirelle has interest in Ecology and Wildlife conservation.

Intern | Quinivette Zoh

Quinivette graduated from the University of Buea with a Master of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management. Quinivette has experience working in Community Mobilization, development, Socio-economic surveys. At ECoCaF, she is horning more skills in field deployment and biological sampling.

Technical Advisors | Dr Alain Senghor K. Ngute

As a dedicated field ecologist specializing in the dynamics of tropical forest landscapes, Alain's research career has been fueled by a passion for understanding and mitigating the impacts of disturbance on these critical ecosystems. He has deep interests in carbon stocks, disturbance ecology, ecosystem restoration, ecosystem responses to climate and environmental changes, and the dynamics and adaptations of socio-ecological systems to climatic changes. He is passionate about integrating traditional knowledge with scientific conservation practices to address environmental challenges, as evidenced by his numerous publications in reputable scientific journals and international recognition through various awards and coverage from media outlets.

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